Clocks. You see them everywhere. More often than not, they have something in common—their circular shape. But why are they circular? Would you still be able to tell the time if the numbers were displayed in a line rather than a circle?

I think so.

Focusing on simplicity and minimalism, my idea was to make a product that simplified the conventional circular clock, and introduced a new way to display the time.

When asking people for the time, they would always be pretty vague, or unclear.

“About 20 past.”
“5 to”.
“12:22, err, 23, no wait...About half 12.”

I envisaged this product to be more of a design piece, than a timepiece. I understand if you're boiling an egg, or catching a flight, you want a precise indication of time. But that’s not what this clock is intended for.

The Linear Clock presents a unique aesthetic for a common household product.


Rob Lafratta Product Designer

Rob Lafratta is a multi disciplinary product designer in the UK who has a great interest in minimalism and simplicity. He can recite Pi to 15 20 decimal places. roblafratta.com