The Linear Clock — A bespoke and minimal design piece that introduces a unique way to display the time.

Displaying the numbers in a line, rather than a circle, CLOQ presents a unique aesthetic for a common household product.

CLOQ redefines the concept of a conventional and traditional circular clock.

CLOQ - The Linear Clock 1
CLOQ - The Linear Clock 2

Available in various colours and materials, each with magnetic interchangeable displays, it’s easy to customise CLOQ to suit your style and personality.

With a magnetic strip on the back panel, it will be quick and easy to mount on a wall, or will look great standalone on a bookcase or bedside table.

How it works

Like a conventional clock, each number represents an hour, and the current hour lights up.

The minutes are represented by the dots below the hours, increasing in 5 minute intervals.


The front panels are screen printed onto glass in black or white.


420 x 120 x 40 mm.


Screen Printed Glass, Walnut Wood and Textile Cable.


Magnetic front panels allow for easy customisation of product.

CLOQ - The Linear Clock 5
CLOQ - The Linear Clock 6
CLOQ - The Linear Clock 7
CLOQ - The Linear Clock 15